Iteration III


September 27, 2009

ngaparou west-0Hi, my name is Tom Burke and I am not so good at about pages. You’d think I would have gotten better at them by now, seeing as I have had something like 20 different websites over the past 14 years. Here are the basics:

I have never been shot, though there was one occasion where I thought it was likely. I have also never shot anyone else. I did once throw a dart at my brother, which I regret.

My favorite metro system is the Boston T, partly because of the squeal of the red line and partly because of the view when you cross the river, but mostly because of Green Street station in the winter.

There are screws in my right ankle, and if you run your fingers over them you can feel that they are philips head screws. I am glad they are not flat head, because I would not like to have the mental image of the screwdriver bit slipping out of position.

I would like to build windmills.